Josh + Millie { Temecula Engagement }

Millie and Josh are so interesting to just watch. They aren’t the type to smile for the camera. They interact, smirk and giggle. Niall McCarthy and I just photographed it as it happened. They show love with soft glances, holding hands, and quiet whispers. It was refreshing and super emotional.

We were able to use my secret location in Temecula that I absolutely love to death. It’s the only reason we were able to get such a variety of images in such a short amount of time. Overgrown forest, old cars and a barn in one location? Yes please.

I just know Millie and Josh’s wedding in January is going to be made up of amazing. I can’t wait to help capture it and have to thank Niall for having me be a part of it.

Millie is stunning. She’s fierce, strong, yet soft at the same time.

Just look at Josh’s eyes! I also wanted to take his hat home with me….shhhh don’t tell.


  • Lauren said:

    LOVE! Great location, too! ;)

  • Angelique said:

    Last name: EVER
    First name: BEST

    This has got to be my favorite. All of it. Everything. SO gorgeous!!
    I think these photos define LOVE perfectly!

  • Adam said:

    Hey Candice, nice photos!!
    What lenses are you using these days? I'm saving up for the 85 1.4D :)