Shaena and Brian { Fullerton Engagement }

These two are just plain fun. When I moved to Fullerton, Shaena and I lived across from each other. At the time, she was dating Brian and we just hit it off. Seriously, any girl that enjoys beer combined with suntanning is good in my book.

So when Brian proposed I got a text message saying she wanted me to be her wedding photographer. I was floored. And honored. After doing a little dance, (OK, so I think I danced for a few days straight…) I started planning the engagement session.

These two hold a special place in my heart. They were the first couple to book me for their 2011 wedding. And just to add to the excitement, the wedding is going to be on a cute riverboat in Oxnard! I’m really excited to photograph their wedding next July!  <3

Love how the plants started taking back the bench. Just beautiful. Stunning.  Shaena brought a stick to a leaf fight… <3

  • Kelly Barton said:

    Congratulations - you make a beautiful couple.

  • Jim said:

    Great pictures!!

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