take a moment to smell the flowers

So as I gather all of my favorite images of 2010, I stumble across this one. Something about it just stops me in my tracks. It might be the dress, or the amazing flowers…but I think its more than that. It’s the look on her face, she seems so happy and content. Life is good in that one moment.

We all have those moments, when everything just seems right. It’s a quiet pause, a calm thought when you aren’t worrying about your job or what you need to check off of your to-do-list. For some it might be rare to find this moment, and for others they use yoga or reading to find that quiet center.

So my new years resolution really isn’t a resolution at all. You know, just calling something a new years revolution gives it a bi-gillion reasons to fail. I know I’m not the only one to cut out sweets at 12am then wake up in the morning and eat leftover cake. Right?

But a concussions decision to just be content in your life just for one minute a day can be something to work towards.