Natalie + Niall { A surprise proposal }

Niall is one cool photog. I randomly met him at a friends “‘merica” party one week before he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Natalie. After looking at my blog on his iphone and talking camera-geek in between watching Nascar he asked me to shoot my first proposal.

He had it all planed out. Told Natalie he needed headshots for his website (true facts) and asked for her to come along. After hanging out for a bit at the Lab we headed up to “The top of the World” and he nervously asked the question.  We used “Gary Fong” as the que to get the ring from my camera bag.

This was when I was setting my camera up (“hey lets take a cute picture of the two of you for facebook”)…you can see the nervousness in Niall’s face. Natalie said she knew something was up after taking this picture, Niall’s heart was beating a mile a minute. His shoulder gave him away.

Afterwords I had them take a few photos together. You can see the happiness all around. I cant wait till I can shoot their actual engagement photos. We already started brainstorming.

My camera just goes “click-click-click-click…” and I let the moment just happen. Cuteness all around.