Tashina & David { Balboa Park Anytime Session }

Tashina and David started it all for me.

One year ago, they asked me to photograph their small wedding in San Diego. At the time I didn’t even consider myself a photographer and told them that. I was still learning about photography, coupled by the fact that I had never attended a wedding prior to that day. Even after having the look of dread on my face, Tashina and David still trusted me, telling me if I didn’t do it their mom’s point-n-shoot would have to do. I hoped I could do better than a point-n-shoot and agreed to something that would change my life.

Equipped with a “nice” camera and enough memory cards to last two weeks, I stumbled though the day, trying to react to all the strange rituals that happens at a wedding. Timeline–what’s that?

I survived, barely. But I also realized that even though this is going to be the hardest job I will ever do, I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

I got to capture raw emotion, real smiles, real laughter. I was given permission to follow someone and create a memory for them. I realized that in fifty years my photos might be all they have to remember their wedding day. Thoughts like that make my insides happy.

So a few months ago, I found out Tashina and David were going to have a bouncing bundle of joy; another memory they wanted me to document and be apart of. A year’s worth of experience later, and here I am again witnessing the growth of Tashina and David’s family. And after spending the afternoon with them at Balboa Park in San Diego and watching their faces light up, it’s going to be a beautiful family indeed. 

To see more of Tashina and David’s session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

– Candice